Warp, 2018. Wood.

Perkins, 2018


Shift, 2017Sputnik (New Era), 2012Human canon, 2008Björkholmen Gallery, Stockholm 2007Sealed Flute 2007Down Town, 2008Down Town detail, 2008Thai Fish, 2009Pinnbröd, 2010Malevitj down, 2007A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall. 2007. Electric organ.wood. light. 160x80x60 cm.jpgdetail. A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall.Watch the Lodger, 2005Watch the LodgerIn den Wohnungen des Todes. Nelly Sachs-rummet. Kungliga Biblioteket. Stockholm 2004.diabase with painted bronze objects.jpgTungsten, 2001Signs, 1999Plates, The Edstrand Foundation Art Prize 1999, Rooseum, Malmö.jpgBoxes,1995Sandcontainer, 1990container 1990Icontainer 1991Unibox, 1990Podium.1983untitled, 1983