Citybanan Odenplan 2017

Ronneby Kulturcentrum 1995

Konsthallen Hishult, 2018

“Anders Kappel, has spent the last 30 years to piece by piece build an oeuvre that explores a very limited area of ​​reality, but at the same time assumes the character of a great continent. His abstract or semi-abstract paintings (usually presented as diptychs with small mutual differences) has always had a strong presence in the concrete observation of the environment. Usually aspects that we don´t pay attention to. This may involve, for example circuit boards, engine gaskets, architectural drawings or topographic maps. Anders Kappel is always based on the objective contemplation, he paints what he sees, but always strives to reach a distance beyond what is too recognizable.
Sometimes his paintings seem to float in an undefined space, other times they seem to fall into a painterly haze that threatens to devour all solid matter. And perhaps it is the light itself that is the main subject of this strong high precision painting. The kind of light which is essential for sight, but also create illusions. The paintings of Anders Kappel is positioned comfortably between the obvious and the mysterious”
Anders Olofsson


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